The suspension system (as shown in this diagram) includes your springs, control arms, tie rods, sway bar, Macpherson struts (not shown), bushings, ball joints, sway bar, and the shock absorbers.

How do I know if I need repair work on my car or truck suspension?

The same types of symptoms described diagnose for the replacement of shocks or struts reflect problems with the suspension system too. Our mechanics will typically have a checklist of items to evaluate when determining if your car or truck needs to have a suspension replacement or suspension repair.

Our mechanic will check for:

  • uneven tires or wear on the tire treads
  • unbalanced tires to determine if the frame is lopsided
  • the tightness of nuts and bolts holding the suspension together
  • the level of the fluid that is necessary for steering properly
  • any damaged power steering belts
  • any wheel alignment issues
  • how the shocks are functioning to see how they are holding up

If there are any issues we find, we will show you exactly what suspension parts either need to be repaired or replaced in order to keep your car or truck handling properly.

Something Wrong With How Your Vehicle Drives?

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