Shocks and struts stabilize your car or truck while you’re driving, making your ride much smoother and safer. Driving with worn out shocks and struts can be as dangerous as more obvious problems such as bald tires or faulty brakes because if your vehicle loses traction or stability by excessively bouncing or leaning when you steer, you could lose control of your vehicle, causing an accident. Manufacturers recommend that you have your shocks and struts checked once a year, and complete replacement every 50,000 miles for maximum safety.

How do I know if I need new shock absorbers or struts?

If your car or truck is showing any of these symptoms when you’re driving, this is a good indication that you need to have your shocks or struts inspected:

  • Excessive bounce when stopping car or truck
  • Unusual noises from shocks and struts (clunking or squeaking when your car is moving)
  • Steering wheel vibrates or doesn’t sit level when driving straight down the road
  • Unusual tire wear on the inner or outer surface of the tire


In addition to preserving the car’s performance, replacing shocks and/or struts will prevent the wear of your tires and suspension parts, including the ball joints, steering linkage, springs and C.V. joints.

S&S Tire and Auto Services will inspect your car or truck shocks and struts for wear, and remove worn shocks and/or struts and install new, high quality replacements, if needed.

Something Wrong With How Your Vehicle Drives?

You deserve to receive affordable and reliable used tires, brake replacement, wheel alignment, or suspension repair services from your local tire shop, S&S Tire and Auto Services. We serve the local Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Aloha community by providing high-quality used tires and related car and truck repair services.

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I stopped by because I had a leak in one of my tires from running over a nail. Even though they couldn't repair it because the tread was too low, they offered me a great price on two matching used tires that looked almost new. I'm very happy with their service and prices.
Hayes Buckley
I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the two used tires I just bought here because I checked another used tire shop and their tires were more worn down for the same cost. S&S Tires really has great quality.
Abrahan Cane