Let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than running over a nail, screw or other road hazard and cause a leak in your tire. We know how frustrating this is, and if possible to get your car or truck down to our tire shop in Beaverton, we may be able to repair the puncture.

The reasons we may not be able to repair a leaky tire include:

  • The puncture is too close to the sidewall of the tire and will not seal properly
  • The puncture is not round, and is more like a gash or knife cut into the tread
  • You used some type of “instant” flat repair canister like Fix-a-Flat or similar product, which coats the inside of the tire with a slippery substance that prevents adhesive from securing itself to the inside of the tire.

If you have a slow leak in your tire, bring the damaged tire into our shop and we’ll inspect it and let you know right away if it’s repairable. We can fix most tire puncture damage for your car or truck and can have you in and out within 10-15 minutes as long as there’s not a line of vehicles waiting to be serviced. If it’s not possible to fix it, we have a large selection of high quality used tires that could fit your car truck just fine.

Something Wrong With How Your Vehicle Drives?

You deserve to receive affordable and reliable used tires, brake replacement, wheel alignment, or suspension repair services from your local tire shop, S&S Tire and Auto Services. We serve the local Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Aloha community by providing high-quality used tires and related car and truck repair services.

Our Customer Says

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I stopped by because I had a leak in one of my tires from running over a nail. Even though they couldn't repair it because the tread was too low, they offered me a great price on two matching used tires that looked almost new. I'm very happy with their service and prices.
Hayes Buckley
I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the two used tires I just bought here because I checked another used tire shop and their tires were more worn down for the same cost. S&S Tires really has great quality.
Abrahan Cane