How to Prevent Unwanted Road Disasters

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Let’s face it, we all know that disasters always happen when you least expect them. If you own a vehicle, this is why you have insurance, and this is also why we should always be prepared for a potential disaster.


You might be asking… What kind of disasters?  Here’s a few that could (and do) happen to someone every day:


  • Worn out brakes cause your vehicle to not stop properly causing a rear-end collision
  • Tire tread is too low to provide traction on wet roads causing you to lose control and crashing into another car, fence, building, etc.
  • Poor wheel alignment causes poor handling and possibly losing control of your vehicle in a turn, causing an accident
  • Worn out shocks cause car to handle poorly when stopping or turning, causing you to lose control of your vehicle and colliding with another car or property


These are just a few examples of potentially expensive and life threatening disasters you could easily avoid just by properly maintaining key components of your car or truck. Following is a checklist of your vehicles main systems to make sure it runs and drives as safe as possible.


Get Your Brakes Checked Once a Year

If your brakes are starting to sound a little squeaky or feel too soft when using them to stop, make sure you get them checked. The last thing you want, especially in damp weather and wet road conditions, is bad brakes. S&S Tire and Auto Services provides free brake inspections for all our customers to give you an honest assessment of how your brakes are performing. Brake replacement at S&S Tires is very affordable and could save you thousands by preventing an accident caused by faulty brakes.


Replace Your Windshield Wipers Once a Year

Clear visibility when you’re driving your car or truck is extremely important. If your windshield wipers are squeaking or streaking, first try an old trick clean them. Get a clean rag, spray it with WD-40, and wipe the whole edge of your wiper blades. Then thoroughly clean your windshield with a good glass cleaner. If this doesn’t solve the problem by giving you a nice clean swipe when running your windshield wipers, then just replace them. A good quality set will cost about

$25 and could save you thousands by preventing an accident due to poor visibility while driving and keep you from disaster.


Replenish Your Car Emergency Kit

Your car emergency kit should include two or more road flares, jumper cables, a small set of tools, electrical or duct tape, flashlight, small first aid kit, blanket, spare fuses, spare tire and jack, antifreeze, two quarts of oil, small shovel, small gas can, washer fluid, extra gloves, bottled water, and paper towels and rags. These are the basics, but you will be thankful you prepared ahead of time in case you do get stranded on the side of the road, especially during cold weather.


Make Sure You Have a Good Spare Tire

Most people don’t think about their spare tire until they need it. This is why it’s very important to make sure you have a properly functioning spare with good tread and full of air. Always check your spare tire and make sure you have the proper jack and tools to change out the spare if you need to use it before going on any road trips to make sure you’re not caught off guard when you need it most. There’s nothing worse than being without the right tools.


Always Have a ‘Plan B’ in Place

There are many reasons you could experience a car disaster from road construction where you could run over a nail or screw, to wet weather which cause roads to be more slippery and your tire tread and/or brakes could mean the difference between stopping in time or getting into a bad accident. What matters most is that you take steps to prevent or prepare to deal with disasters effectively. If your insurance covers towing, you’ll be glad this is part of your coverage. If they don’t, check for other services like AAA to get this important supplemental coverage. Also know who you will call in case there is an emergency. It’s always best to be prepared, even if it feels a little over the top.


One final tip: Make sure all your fluids are up to date and that your car or truck is running as good as possible. If you follow these vehicle maintenance tips, your car or truck will stay in tip top shape for when you need it most. And remember, S&S Tire and Auto Service offers free safety checks to make sure that your vehicle operates as safely and smoothly as possible.