If you need affordable and high-quality Used Tires and Auto Repair Services in Beaverton, Oregon you’ve found the right place. We specialize in offering the largest selection of affordable, high quality used tires. We also offer excellent new tires, brake service, wheel alignments, new shocks, and oil change services to keep your vehicle running safely for as long as possible.
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Other services we offer to keep you safe on the road include: FREE wheel alignment check, FREE brake inspection, oil changes, shock replacement, full dismounting, mounting, balancing, and disposal fees included with ALL tire prices.

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We’re dedicated to providing YOU, our loyal customers with high quality service, new and used tires, and auto maintenance services that are affordable and geared toward keeping your car or truck running safely and as long as possible. We look forward to helping you with your automotive needs.
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Our technicians have a combined 45 years’ experience in repairing and maintaining all types of vehicles from cars to SUV’s to all types of trucks. You can feel confident that whether you need an alignment, suspension work, brakes or shocks, your vehicle will be repaired and serviced so that it is safe and operates as well as possible.

Trusted Work

Because of our dedication to making sure our customers are well cared for, we stand behind our work. If you have any issues with any service we provided for your car or truck, please don’t hesitate to come back and give us an opportunity to make sure there are no issues and that you’re happy with our work.

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Our Customers Say

As a customer of S&S Tire and Auto Services, we take pride in making sure we put your needs first. Your safety, your car or truck’s longevity, and your budget. We strive to provide you with high-quality new and used tires, maintenance, and repair services that are affordable for your budget, any time you stop in to see us.

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I stopped by because I had a leak in one of my tires from running over a nail. Even though they couldn't repair it because the tread was too low, they offered me a great price on two matching used tires that looked almost new. I'm very happy with their service and prices.
Hayes Buckley
I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the two used tires I just bought here because I checked another used tire shop and their tires were more worn down for the same cost. S&S Tires really has great quality.
Abrahan Cane